In 2016, the ecoTECH Consortium investigated the State of the Art of the leading edge technologies & materials and till the End of 2017, the scoping of the most promising technologies and materials was completed.

In 2018, the Technology Development Phase of the project has started in the frame of materials, processes, maintenance/repair and end-of-life. At this stage, LCA Data Collection of the technologies have been carried out and first eco-statement results at technology level have been obtained. These results will be finalized in the Demonstrator Phase. It is planned that the Technology Development Phase will be completed in 2021.

In Quartal 4 of 2018, CfP IAWAS (Development of innovative aluminium filler wire based manufacturing of aeronautic components and structures) and CfP VULCAN (Development of a universal selective stripping solution for aircrafts coatings) have started.

Parallel to Technology Development, Demonstrator Definition Phase has started in 2020.

In Quartal 2 of 2020, CfP SPARTA (Scrap of thermoplastic composites materials), CfP ELIOT (End of life (EoL) for Biomaterials) and CfP ReINTEGRA (Innovative End of Life procedures for recycling integral welded Al-Li Aerostructures) have started.

With the beginning of 2021, Demonstrator Preparation Phase has started. At this stage, one Metallic Fuselage Section with a Floor Beam, one Thermoset Stabilizer Panel, one Thermoplastic Fuselage Panel and one Drawer box – Biomaterial a/c Interior will be manufactured as Flagship Demonstrators. Apart from that, 9 smaller non-Flagship Demonstrators are also planned to be manufactured.