From an environmental and societal point of view, it will be necessary to reduce the aviation environmental footprint through aircraft performance improvements (drag, weight and versatility) and an eco-friendly life cycle including a significant increase in recyclability as well as optimised material streams. This will be achieved by developing new processes and methods that enable Green Manufacturing, Green Maintenance and Green disposal and End of Life (EoL).

In order to address these challenges, the technical activities in ecoTECH will be aligned in two axes:

  1. Developing eco-friendly technologies in the field of materials and surface treatments, manufacturing processes, maintenance and repair, as well as end of life processes
  2. Utilising the key enabling technologies in order to design, manufacture and test appropriate ground demonstrators at representative scale of airframe components

The project focusses on the following technologies:

  1. Composite materials
  2. Metallic materials and surface treatments
  3. Maintenance and repair
  4. End of Life

The achieved results within ecoTECH will be applied to the demonstrators and the environmental potential will be identified through Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) studies. Therefore, ecoTECH aims at providing the most accurate and reliable data possible. These data will feed simulation models to quantify environmental benefits of the technologies developed.