The fundamental idea of this R&D project is the development of innovative ECO-friendly airframe TECHnologies from design to manufacturing to improve aircraft life cycle environmental footprint – ecoTECH.

Operational considerations and societal challenges create a growing demand for aircrafts with reduced fuel consumption, noise, emission of pollutants and maintenance costs. From an operational point of view, materials used in manufacturing airframe components need to become lighter, cheaper and more eco-compliant for disposal.


During ecoTECH several technologies will be developed and implemented in defined demonstrators with the common objective of serving the following societal challenges:

  • Resource efficiency
  • Eco-compliant production and decreased production pollutions
  • Low energy / Low resources production (reduction of buy-to-fly ratio)
  • Roadmap for full recyclability


The early involvement of the end users in the development of innovative technologies and manufacturing processes is intended to accelerate the take-up in new industrial products, simplifying at the same time their certification path.