Clean Sky 2 aims at developing environmentally friendly technologies for the next generation of aviation. This is the overall goal and target of ecoTECH. In addition, the European competitiveness will be raised as knowledge about materials, processing, and manufacturing will be shared among all stakeholder. The Aircraft industry is the main target market, but others[…]


In 2016, the ecoTECH Consortium investigated the State of the Art of the leading edge technologies & materials and till the End of 2017, the scoping of the most promising technologies and materials was completed. In 2018, the Technology Development Phase of the project has started in the frame of materials, processes, maintenance/repair and end-of-life.[…]


ecoTECH activities and outputs are expected to have essential societal impacts. More than 3 million people are employed in the European Aircraft and Airlines industry. Therefore, strengthening the competitiveness of this industry and related SMEs through the development of state-of-the-art technologies is vital to Europe’s high technology and economic future. More precisely, there are three[…]


From an environmental and societal point of view, it will be necessary to reduce the aviation environmental footprint through aircraft performance improvements (drag, weight and versatility) and an eco-friendly life cycle including a significant increase in recyclability as well as optimised material streams. This will be achieved by developing new processes and methods that enable[…]


The fundamental idea of this R&D project is the development of innovative ECO-friendly airframe TECHnologies from design to manufacturing to improve aircraft life cycle environmental footprint – ecoTECH. Operational considerations and societal challenges create a growing demand for aircrafts with reduced fuel consumption, noise, emission of pollutants and maintenance costs. From an operational point of[…]